Giant hunting! (part 2)

After thoroughly searching the cave and destroying the two basilisk eggs they found, the party felt this was a safe enough place to leave the mounts so they could climb the hill and continue following the trail of footprints hoping to find their draft horse and missing supplies. The path was easy to follow, not for the ease of discerning footprints, but for the clear trail of broken tree limbs leading though the woods. Several hours later the party was forced to camp for the night and though the cold made it uncomfortable it was uneventful.

The next day the search continued and the party came to a clearing with a large crude hut at the top of a small hillock. Seraphina tried to approach the hut quietly to investigate, but knocked over part of a woodpile creating a noisy racket that would have woken a drunk dwarf. A large Hill Giant threw open the front door of the hut and scooped her up it his massive hand while wielding a large wooden club in the other. Quick thinking by Levi motivated him to charge up the hill yelling loudly at the giant and banging his javelin on his shield in an attempt to distract the giant’s attention from the helpless Seraphina. This action likely saved her life as the giant tossed her to the ground and although she looked like she was battered and bruised greatly, she was still conscious and alive. Agnatha followed Levi up the hill, tossing a ball of flame at him, before they both engaged in melee with the 16 foot tall monstrosity. Tedro offered support from a safe range by sending many arrows into its chest. Eventually the giant was outmatched by the skilled coordinated tactics of the party and fell dead with a resounding thud. After tending to their wounds, the party made a quick search of the giant’s hut which revealed their draft horse had become a meal for the giant but their missing supplies were intact in a pile in the corner.

Eager to be back on their way to Broken Shield, the party hastily returned to the cave to recover their mounts. Several hours after getting back on the main Trade Way the party came upon a large wagon blocking the road. Bodies of four orcs and one robed human were spread out around the back of the wagon. The wagon also had a locked door on the back which had been broken and forced open. As they searched for survivors, the bodies of the orcs began to move. They quickly rose and shambled forward to attack. Agnatha quickly ascertained they were reanimated corpses … zombies! Levi had no trouble landing damaging blows and one was almost completly dismembered before the rest could even ready their weapons. Serveral seemingly ineffective attacks by Tedro and Seraphina followed as Agnatha channelled her diety and held forth her holy symbol which was ablaze with a holy light. The zombies reacted and started scrambling to get away from the holy aura eminating from Agnatha’s raised hand. One last blow from Levi’s sword fell the abomination turning away from him and he rushed to engage one of the two surrounding Tedro and Seraphina. Tedro hit with his staff, Seraphina launched arcane bolts, and Levi’s sword quickly toppled another before it could flee. Agnatha watched the one fleeing her to the east but it quiclky disappeared into the trees and was gone from sight. The last remaining one turned back towards the party to attack again after Seraphina’s bolts and Tedro’s arrows struck it and aggravated it beyond the control of the holy radiance. A few more solid blows from Levi’s sharp sword destroyed the creature. The party hastily cleared the bodies and wagon from the road and continued north a short way and set up camp for the night. They wanted to remain in the area in case the final remaining zombie came back to cause trouble for other travellers. Everyone should be happy to be back to the drugery of road travel after the eventful past few days.



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