Giant hunting!

There was little to salvage from the burned wagon. Agnatha was certain it was the wagon we had purchased for our cooking supplies and tents and had sent out two hirelings out with on their journey to Broken Shield. There was no sign of the horse or assailants, but Tedro’s keen eyes and tracking skills were able to pick up the hoofprints of the draft horse leading off towards the southwest. The party set off hoping to find the horse and their missing goods.

Several hours later, after following the trail to the edge of the swamp and then veering south, the party found the body of one of the hire guards. It appeared that some great force had slammed him into the trunk of a fallen tree and crushed his ribs and broken his spine with great force, ending his life abruptly. The horse was not there, but Tedro’s keen eyes spotted large footprints heading east and the party continued the search after laying the hireling to rest.

The party followed the trail back across the Trade Way until it skirted around the mouth of a large cave. Seraphina crept up to the cave mouth and returned to tell the rest of the party that the cave was filled with stone statues of many different types of creatures. Everyone was curious and agreed to investigate before continuing following the large footprints. While investigating the statues, the party was attacked by two large eight-legged lizards that crawled from burrows inside the cave. Seraphina recognized these immediately as basilisks and warned everyone not to meet their gaze. Tedro created a patch of spike growth around the lizards as the rest shielded their eyes. One lizard charged Levi and only took minor damage from the spikes, the other charged towards Agnatha and Seraphina and was bleeding heavily from many cuts along its belly by the time it was close enough to make a bite attack on Agnatha. Levi made several flailing attacks wounding one badly while Seraphina touched the other and stunned it with an electric charge. Tedro thinking to remove the gaze threat by blinding them, commanded his companion owl to try and gouge the eyes of the lizard that was attacking Levi. The bird missed its attacks, narrowly missing its gaping jaws, only to be struck by its gaze and fall helplessly to the floor. Seraphina and Agnatha quickly dispatched the other basilisk as there aim was true and the blood loss from the wounds from the spikes hampered it greatly. Everyone turned their attention to the remaining basilisk and it quickly fell without any further injury to the party. Tedro’s companion owl made a miraculous recovery and avoided becoming just another statue for the collection in the cave.



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