The world of Aelenor is a polytheistic society where groups of similar minds will often come together to worship the gods they believe affect their daily lives. There is no universal pantheon of gods although it is typically agreed that the aspects of the gods can be broken down into the following domains:


Some societies will worship a god, or gods, for each domain while others pray to an all encompassing deity that oversees all. The objects of worship are as varied as the gods themselves. Rural communities for example may show their faith in their gods by worshiping to the oldest tree they know of, the tree becoming the symbol of their religion. Other communities have been known to worship specific people, weather events, animals, times of day, etc.

Despite the polytheistic nature of Aelenor, several groups have formed under common belief systems and reached a size where they are known throughout the world.

Notable Religious Organizations (Suggested domain)
The Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud (Death)
The Deathstalkers (Death)
The House of Knowledge (Knowledge)
The Great Forge (Knowledge)
The Watchers (Life, Light)
The Dawnbringers (Light)
The Shadoweirs (Nature)
The Black-Blooded (Nature)
The Stormlords (Tempest)
The Holy Order of our Smiling Lady (Trickery)
The Lurking Lords (Trickery)
The Order of the Golden Lion (War)
The House of the Black Lord (War)


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